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Breaking the Limits of Your Small Space- Storage Solutions for your Branson MO Apartment

I feel like the longer you live in a small space, the more cluttered it gets. You collect new things as you live in one place for so long and after a while it reaches a point where you start looking for new solutions to declutter and reorganize your living space. Read on for some ideas to maximize your living space and find storage solutions for your Branson MO Apartment!


Look a little lower- Have you thought about making storage underneath things?

I know at my house, there is always unused space under my bed. You can fit storage containers under there or even get some bed risers so you can stack containers. If you have a bed skirt on your bedroom set then you won’t even see the storage containers under there. Storage beds are also a great way to find more drawers in your bedroom. Storage beds have built in drawers in the bed frame.

under bed 1 under bed 2


Another solution for storage underneath things, is underneath coffee tables and end tables. Putting baskets or boxes under there can be a great way to hide toys, magazines, and other odds and ends that you may need easy access too! You can also use the same concept under an entry way bench!

under Under-stairs-storage-idea-for-apartment


Look up- stackable storage

Shelves and cubies can become your best friend when you’re living in a small space. Putting shelves up, with the approval of your landlord, are a great way to stack collectibles and small items all the way up your walls. Cubbies on the other hand are a great way to hide stuff in baskets or keep things such as books. You can continue stacking for as much storage as you need!



Don’t forget about using shelves above everything in the room. This will keep the clutter above your eye view but still keep it close in case you need it. This can also be a neat way to display stuff such as collectibles, books, or movies. If you wanted to hide the clutter you can use small boxes the same way.

bedroom-book-storage-ideas small-spaces-4


Use all of those hidden places!

How many places do we have in our home that could be used for extra or hidden storage? Think behind the door, hanging storage, and even inside of cabinets. Over-the-door organizers can be used for cleaning supplies, shoes, purses, craft organization, food storage, and so much more! It’s a great way to keep the clutter organized and still hidden so you don’t have to look at it. Another good solution is over-the-door hooks. These hooks are great for towels, styling tools, bags, coats, and really anything else that you can hook on them.

Small Spaces Storage -4img59214276 SmallSpaceStorageIdeas4



Double Up!
Furniture that has storage in it is always a hit. You can use it for it’s intended purpose as well as store some extra belongings in it. My favorite is always the ottoman with storage inside. You can keep throw pillows, blankets, games, movies, and other living room items inside of it to keep your house looking tidy.



Another of my favorites is an entry way bench with cubbies for shoes. I had mentioned an entry way bench for the storage inside earlier but did you know you could also get them with shoe spaces as well? What a great way to clean up the shoe pile by the front door!


As for other furniture, some people take a piece of furniture that it meant for something completely different and use it for storage. One example that I’ve seen is a armoire that is used like a pantry. It may add a piece of furniture to your room but just think of how much extra storage you’ll have if you run out of cabinet space. Need to split up two rooms? What about a divider that doubles for storage? A divider has the possibility of holding so many things such as books, toys, trinkets, baskets of stuff, or anything else that will fit.




Off the wall
Hanging storage is always a safe bet. It gives you extra storage without taking up floor space, not to mention it can add some art to your room! Shelves, cubbies, and hooks are a great way to add some storage for small things while also giving your room some dimension.

gold-pipe-industrial-rail-storage-system-upcycledtreasures smallhousestorageideas2 unisys_JmY2N_24702


With a little bit of research, I’ve found that there are tons of storage solutions out there. Hopefully some of these have helped spark ideas in you personally! Leave comments below with your success stories or new ideas.


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