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Beating Seasonal Allergies

With all of the rain lately, along come the allergies. So how can you start to combat all of the sniffles, sneezes, and other allergy symptoms? Allergy control begins in the home! Dust mites, animal dander, moisture, and even cockroaches can become suspects when it comes to indoor allergy problems. Allergen particles are generally carried in the air. However, they can also settle onto your furniture, floor, and toys. According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, the best way to improve allergy symptoms is to eliminate the source of the allergen from the home. Let’s discover some ways to reduce the allergens in your home that could be causing you bothersome symptoms.





Let’s start with some quick fixes that you can do daily to eliminate some of the allergens in your home. Increasing the circulation of outdoor air during cooler months has been known to help. However, when it’s humid outside the opposite is true. You want to reduce the humidity in your home to decrease dust mites and mold growth.  Using a de-humidifier will help to reduce some of the humidity in your home, especially during the muggy months of the year. Experts suggest using your de-humidifier to keep the humidity below 50% inside your home. Be sure to keep surfaces in your home clean and free of dust. Dusting with a damp cloth can prevent the dust particles from flying and scattering while you clean. This includes shelves, counters, and on top of furniture. Don’t forget the window sills and doors! It is also suggested to vacuum once or twice a week with an allergen filter. Be sure to keep any hard wood or tile floors clean as well. Although it is harder for pollen, dust mites, pet dander, and the sort to stay on hard flooring it still has the potential to spread allergens. A great way to clean the air in your home is to get an allergen filter for your central air system. These filters are called HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filters.



There are also more extensive ways to help clean up some of the allergens in your home. Pet dander can always be one of the major causes of allergies. Most doctors suggest that people who suffer from allergies not keep household pets with feathers or fur. Pets can bring in pollen from outdoors and also have dander from their skin and coats. If you already have a pet and don’t want to remove it from your home, there are a few options that can still help with your allergies. Deterring your pet from your bedroom can greatly help allergy symptoms. This prevents the dander and other allergens from getting in your bed where you sleep for several hours every night. You can also get special mattress and pillow covers that are made for people with allergies. Washing your bed sheets once a week and pillows once a month can also kill any dust mites or small particles on your bed. Likewise, keeping pets off the living room furniture can help the same way. Placing slip covers over your couch and washing them weekly will also kill any allergen remnants.


Cockroaches are one of the main offenders in the kitchen. Make sure not to leave any food or garbage out or uncovered. Wipe down the stove and counter tops daily. As well as mop the floors and wipe down the cabinets and walls once a week. Cleaning off dishes immediately instead of letting them sit in the sink will help clean up some of the pollution as well. Using the exhaust fan on your stove top can reduce cooking fumes and moisture which may help clear the air. Don’t under estimate getting a trash can with a lid that seals the top when it’s shut. This can prevent any bugs from getting inside and infesting your home and bringing allergens in.


Bathroom-floor-cleaningWarm and damp environments are breeding grounds for mold and other allergens. If you  have any leaks from kitchen faucets or bathroom showers, you should have it fixed  immediately. Damp areas such as shower doors, floor mats, and bathroom floors can also  be creating an issue. It’s a good idea to wipe these areas down with a towel when you get  out of the shower. Another way to eliminate some of the moisture and keep the air  circulating in the bathroom is to run the exhaust fan during and after your shower. Using  washable floor mats makes it easy to keep them clean. It is suggested that you wash floor  mats and towels once a week. Don’t forget to wash the decorative towels! Wipe down the sink, counter, and floor every day to remove any standing water and moisture.


When cleaning your vacuum, make sure to empty the bag outside and then place it directly in a trash bag inside of your dumpster. Washing concrete floors and walls can prevent mildew and other allergens from developing. Always wear rubber gloves while cleaning with harsh chemicals. Although allergies can be a big discomfort, there are measures that you can take to limit the effect that they have on you as well as eliminating the opportunity for them to grow.


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