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Finding Deals on Apartments- Tips from Pros

About one-third of Americans are tenants at one point or another and have more than likely wanted to pull their hair out when hunting for an apartment. When you factor in all of your needs and wants, the search for an apartment can be quite difficult but it doesn’t have to cause you any stress. Making sure that you get a good deal on an apartment will help easy some of the apartment-hunting anxiety. According to an survey, apartment deals are important to many renters. The survey reported that one-fourth of the renters who are moving are doing so to find a cheaper apartment.

The president of, Dick Burke, said in a news release: “Despite the fact that we’re experiencing one of the lowest apartment vacancy rates in more than a decade, apartment seekers who remain flexible by looking at a variety of neighborhoods, apartment sizes and living arrangements often end up securing the best deals.’’ If you are searching for apartment, here are some tips to help make get the best deal.

Sometimes, it can be beneficial to seek a newly established community. Newer apartmentapartment-special or condo complexes frequently offer a price break compared to somewhere that has been operating for a long period of time. A new complex will want to fill up all of its units as quickly as possible so that they are not losing out on new tenants. Diana Pittro, executive vice president of RMK Management Corp said, “Owners and managers may have more flexibility to negotiate on the monthly rent when there is an entire building to lease”.

You will also have an edge if you use a property management company like Thousand Hills Realty. These companies will have a wide list of apartments and other complexes as well as contacts. Finding a property management company does not cost you anything as it is part of their job to find renters for their vacant units and they are paid directly from the owner of the property. These companies have direct contact with the owner of each property so they will know of any specials going on. Another option is to utilize an apartment locator online. These websites offer a large variety of units from different companies and landlords.  These locators will generally list any move in specials or limited time deals.

If your living arrangements are unsettled, you might consider a one-bedroom apartment instead of a two-bedroom apartment, or you might look at a smaller unit that is less costly but with the same number of bedrooms. Some owners will also offer a discount if you choose to do a longer term lease or if you refer a friend to one of their other vacant units.

Upon finding an apartment, you also need to weigh in the amenities. If you’re deciding between one apartment complex and another you should look at what sort of amenities each one provides. For example, an apartment at Complex A may cost more than Complex B, but Complex A offers free Wi-Fi and a free gym. If you choose Complex A, you might be saving by not having to spend extra for Wi-Fi service and a gym membership.

Another factor is what time of year you start a lease. Sometimes searching in the winter months will help you find a lower rent due to vacant units. Most people don’t like to move when it’s cold out so apartments that become vacant during those months remain vacant for a long period of time, and prices tend to go down.

So, if you are serious about finding the best apartment deal, there are several of things that need to be considered such as how much space you need, how long you are willing to sign a lease, and what time of year you are searching. Thousand Hills Realty can help you find a home that is suitable for all of your needs. You can see some of our current vacancies by browsing through the listing on our website or call our office at (417) 337-RENT (7368).


Posted by: Thousand Hills Realty on September 1, 2015
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