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Tips in Detoxifying Your Apartment



Toxins, toxic odors, and other harmful chemicals can wreak havoc on your body, your cellular health, your biochemistry, and the environment. These endocrine distributors can ruin hormones that keep human metabolism running smoothly. Reducing processed foods in your diet isn’t enough, you need to remove toxins from your home. From cleaning products to cosmetics, by limiting your exposure to household toxins it can help reduce hormonal threats and will reboot your metabolism, and make you feel completely refreshed.


People across the world are all trying to live healthier, but they can’t concentrate their efforts merely on fitness routine and diet. The place where you live should be cleansed to be free from toxins and other harmful elements. Even cozy homes often trap allergens in linens, carpets, and other hidden spots. The cleansers that are used in your households can be just as toxic as the mess you’re trying to get rid of. To start preventing toxins from multiplying in your living space, try detoxifying your home with some of these helpful tips.


A great way to start eliminating toxins in your home is to prevent dirt and dust from getting into your home. Avoid tracking toxins inside your home on sandals or shoes, make sure all household members and guests leave their footwear at the door. Or better yet install a shoe rack beside the front door. Another effective way to get rid of toxins is by cleaning and reorganizing the clutter in every corner of your house. The more clutter you see around, the more dusts it can absorb. Another effective cleaning method to keep your home from collecting allergens is to dust and vacuum every corner of the house often.


Household cleaners are supposed to remove allergens and dirt from your home, but if you think the cleansers you currently use in your households may be causing allergies or skin irritations you might want to switch to environmentally-friendly cleaning products like Mrs. Meyers or Seventh Generation cleaning products.


Insulated, cozy apartments are great, but a lack of air circulation can make the place stale and polluted. To avoid this happening, you need to regularly open the windows and let fresh air in for a few hours every now and then. It’s like your home is taking a deep breath. This idea might not be good during spring season so be sure to wait until the surroundings become clear.


Mildew that is hardly seen by the naked eye can cause toxic reactions in the body. To avoid mildew growth inside your home, keep an eye on the moisture levels inside your house. Check areas that stay damp and dry out any areas that appear wet. Obtaining a hygrometer can help check the general humidity in your apartment. If humidity levels in your apartment are above 50%, try to invest in dehumidifier.


Gas stoves, furnaces and fireplaces should be checked regularly to avoid leaks. If leaking, the carbon monoxide that comes out can be harmful to the human body. To avoid inhaling this toxic emission, it would be wise to invest in a carbon monoxide detector. This is essential for apartment dwellers as some neighbors that could have a leak without you knowing it.


Detoxifying your living space is a great way to get rid of toxins in your home. By just applying one thing at a time, like switching cleansers to more natural or organic ones, can make a big difference. Like any house chore, detoxifying your apartment can be more pleasant if you are determined to get rid of the toxins, pollutants, and other irritants that could be causing uncomfortable living.

Posted by: Thousand Hills Realty on November 23, 2015
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