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Helpful Tips For Moving With Children


Generally people believe that moving is a daunting task that involves lists of things to do such as packing, transporting future, and moving other heavy boxes to a new house. Moving with children is not only an intimidating responsibility but it also comes with fears and anxiety of leaving friends behind and moving to a new neighborhood or new school district. There are several ways to ensure a smoother move with your children to a new home.

Moving with children

There are always lists upon lists of things that need done when moving to a new home, it is smart to give your children a list as well. Asking your children for their opinions or preferences can help ward off feelings of powerlessness and can help ease the pressure of the situation. While you probably won’t be able to fulfill every request, you may be able to accommodate some requests such as bedroom options or being located near a playground. These requests are relatively easy to fulfill and can help make life easier.


Studies show that children often feel defeated if they don’t have a role in the decision-making process when searching for an apartment. Bringing your children along when you go view new apartments is one way to make them feel included. This will give them a firsthand view of their potential new home and also gives them the opportunity to give some input on the apartment. As you are wrapping up your apartment search, your children may become excited and come up with ideas or make decorating suggestions to make the apartment feel more like home.

moving with children

Another way to motivate your children to get excited is by listing some of the interesting features that the apartment has to offer. Sharing this list of features with your children can help them to start imagining themselves living in their new home. For example, if the apartment complex you have chosen has a basketball court or a swimming pool, or maybe the community has a plethora of families with children around the same age. Another feature that they may get excited about is if the new apartment is closer to work or school which may cause them to spend less time commuting each day.


Getting help from your children when you start packing is another way to get them involved in the process. Ask your children to gather their favorite toys or other personal belonging to keep in a separate box that will be easy to unpack as soon as you get to the new apartment. Allowing your child to label their own box can also make them feel like they are important. On moving day, be sure that all of the essential items needed for your first night in the new place are in a separate box and labeled properly for easy identification.


No matter how organized and well-planned a move is, moving day can be stressful. Having an extra person, such as a relative or neighbor, around to watch younger children can relieve sommoving with childrene stress during the moving process. It may be easier to convince friends or family to help you move or watch your children if you throw a moving party and include great food. Here are some tips for throwing a moving party. Throwing a house warming party is also a good way to ease the difficulty of moving away from good neighbors or friends. Invite a couple of your children’s best friends to come check out the new apartment as well as invite any families that live in the new community so you can get to know them.


Hopefully the above tips will help ease some of the stress and chaos of moving to a new home with children. Thousands Hills Realty also offers a moving guide to help you get organized as well as inform you about the area. If you’re still looking for a community to move to, we have a list of available areas on our community page as well as available units on our vacancy page.

Posted by: Thousand Hills Realty on December 10, 2015
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