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Ways to freshen up the look in your Bathroom


The bathroom is generally a functional space, however people tend to go into the bathroom several times a day for personal necessities. Whether you clean your own bathrooms or have someone else come in to freshen up bathroomclean them, it is important to learn some ways to make your bathroom look awesome. You may want to learn some simple but effective ways to perk up a tired bathroom without completely redoing the entire room.


Some of the most effective ways to make your bathroom look welcoming are to add some accessories to it. A bathmat, decorate towels, or a new shower curtain will make your bathroom colorful and can change the entire look of the room. Adding accessories can freshen up a bathroom that may be past its prime by highlighting the décor instead of the aged room fixtures. You will also learn to appreciate the interior design every time you walk into the bathroom.


freshen up bathroomCleaning the dirty grout on the floor or counters can transform the color by scrubbing it and restoring it to a like new color. This chore will really make your bathroom look like new, with a cleaner and fresher feeling. One way to sanitize and clean up grout without resorting to harsh chemicals is by making a thick paste out of baking soda and water. You then spread the baking soda paste along the grout and leave it for about ten minutes. Your next step is to scrub it with a tooth brush in a circular motion and then rinse off the paste. Adding house plants to your bathroom can also create a refreshing look. Choose plants that thrive in the warmth and humidity such as ferns, spider plants, aspidistras, and philodendron.


Decorating with some art pieces is another way to make your bathroom look elegant. Hanging art is one of the easiest ways to give your room a face lift. Generally even smaller bathrooms have enough wall space for framed décor. Beware of humidity when hanging art, you will want to be sure to choose art that is fully sealed with hard plastic or glass to avoid absorption of moisture. Use this opportunity to get creative and add some attractive colors or patterns that match the color of the tiles, walls, or ceiling.


Organizing all of your countertop items will also create a clean and tidy look. Some items, such as perfume, mirrors, and other larger items look good on the counter while other items, like shaving gel and razor would probably be best kept in a drawer. Adding a table lamp to your bathroom is also a good way to brighten the room especially when you’re applying make-up, cleansing yourfreshen up bathroom face, or trimming your moustache. Adding wall decals to your bathroom is another inexpensive and impermanent way to transform your walls. A unique way to add some storage to your bathroom is by utilizing unpredictable items, such as using a vintage ladder as a towel or robe rack or mason jars as small storage for cotton balls or Q-tips. Placing vintage fixtures or furnishings in your bathroom can also give a rare old-world feel and you can be certain that it won’t look quite like anybody else’s.


Changing wall displays, organizing and consolidating clutter, and matching linens are surefire ways to freshen up the look in your bathroom. Using these simple ideas can effectively give your bathroom a posh new atmosphere that will make you feel comfortable and happy. Sometimes all it takes is one simple change to transform the entire environment of a room.


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Posted by: Thousand Hills Realty on December 16, 2015
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