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Creating a Work Space in Your Apartment


If you live in an apartment, you know that space is limited which probably causes you to ponder ways to maximize the space.  Whether you need a space to work from home full-time or just a spot to sit when paying bills, you will probably want to create a workspace as an essential place for keeping your smaller apartment organized. Below you will find some ideas to create a nice work space in your apartment by utilizing any unused corner in your home without sacrificing the space you may use for entertaining.

Our first suggestion is to find and set up a small secretary desk against some unused wall space, maybe between your living room and dining area. A secretary desk can be one of the most usable pieces of furniture which can be used to create a low-profile office in a common area of your home. This type of desk usually has drawers on bottom, shelves on top and a desktop space where you can place your computer and other gadgets. The other shelves of the desk are perfect for storing temporary office supplies or even to display items such as picture frames. Having a desk with drawers in your apartment also gives you some extra storage space. While the top drawers of your desk can store office supplies, the lower drawers can hold kitchen and dining linens that don’t fit in kitchen cabinets. If you aren’t keen on the idea of getting a secretary desk, there are other options for creating a work space that blends with the style of the rest of your apartment.

When living in an apartment, a simple table with drawers can provide a sleek workspace where you can place your laptop in the middle drawer when not being used. This type of desk would be used for more of a clean look contributing less storage than a secretary desk. In a more traditional or rustic living space, an antique or vintage wooden desk with big drawers could also do the trick. Securing shelves on your walls above furniture such as the sofa or television set is another simple way to add decorative storage space to your apartment.

Another option that you have is to create an office space that will blend in with you living room. You can achieve this by purchasing or creating a simple desk that can double as a table when placed behind or next to your sofa. Assuming this simple desk/table has drawers you will be able to store office supplies in plain sight without cluttering your home. If your desk has room for a chair of some sort, this can double as extra seating when you have guests over. Instead of using a traditional desk chair, find a seat that does double duty such as a comfortable dining chair or a unique ottoman that can be moved back and forth as needed.

You can also make your apartment look stylish by applying some of these neat storage hacks. A decorative file cabinet or box can hold folders and files to prevent clutter. Utilizing this filing technique can help organize bills, papers that need filing, and coupons. A shoebox and lid can be wrapped in wrapping paper with a unique design and used to store notes or cards that you have received. Binders are another great organization tool to eliminate some of the paper clutter and can also be wrapped in decorative paper. Cubbies can be great for holding little trinkets or loose change.

Creating a distinct work space in your apartment doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With a little bit of brainstorming and some creative tips, you are sure to find many ideas that will help you maximize your space. You can also browse our blog to see more ideas for your kitchen, bathroom, and closets.

Posted by: Thousand Hills Realty on February 18, 2016
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