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Ways to Create a Stress Free Apartment


No matter what job you have or where you live, there will always be times that you feel stress at the end create a stress free homeof a hectic day. Whether you’re preparing for a big event, rushing to run errands, or simply exhausted from a busy day, stress is something that most people can’t avoid. Most of society uses their home to rest and relax but if your home doesn’t have the peace and ambiance you are looking for, you may have to find a way to create a stress free environment to help make you feel comfortable and tranquil.


Between the hustle and bustle of everyday life to our very fast paced society, having everything organized in your home can really help you unwind once you get home. You can eliminate some stress by not having to come home to a mess or having extra duties such as tidying up. Eliminate clutter, put things away in their proper place, find an efficient place for items you seldom use, and throw away any unnecessary things. This time of year is perfect for spring cleaning where you can completely reorganize and clean your home.


create a stress free homeAromatherapy is a great way to relieve stress. Certain scents have been proven to calm and sooth anxieties when inhaled. Among these scents are lavender, bergamot, chamomile, jasmine, and marjoram. When inhaled, the aroma compounds are capable of utilizing the limbic and olfactory systems to act directly with the brain. Lighting a candle or dropping some lavender oil on your pillow before going to bed can ensure a sound night of sleep before staring another hectic day. Adding essential oils to your bath can be more effective because it uses more than one of your senses. The warm water mixed with the calming smell is sure to relax you.


If you believe in the Chinese energy design system of feng shui you can use those methods to organize and redesign your home in an effort to bring harmony and balance. Following a feng shui design isn’t an easy task especially in a small living space. Positioning all of your furniture in a way that allows smooth transition from space to space can help separate your living areas and promote tranquility in your home. One example of feng shui suggests that you position your bed to face the entire room. This will give you a sense of control which will help you sleep better at night and promote stress free living.


Decorating your home in cool colors can help evoke feelings of a calm and relaxing atmosphere. Using cool-colored accent pieces or curtains when decorating will give you the full effect. You can also use create a stress free homepastel, faded, or muted hues to create a more calm living space. Light gray, cool blue, purple, and green can help give a calming effect whereas red, orange, and black can cause more stress.


Living in a high-traffic area of town or an apartment complex with noisy neighbors can prevent you from resting while you’re home. To help with exterior noise you can use thick curtains on your windows and put rugs down on the floor. This should help cut down on the background noise and help make your home more peaceful. It can also cut down on outdoor pollution and help reduce stress as well. Another way to cut down on pollution and make your home feel fresh is by detoxifying your apartment.


Making your home as stress free as possible can help your overall stress level because you will have a place to retreat to at the end of the day. Using some or all of these tips can help you create a stress free living space.

Posted by: Thousand Hills Realty on April 1, 2016
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