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Why Some People Prefer to Rent





Some people who are in search of a place to live, prefer to rent rather than to own a home. In some cases, renting gives you access to some great amenities of the community such as a pool, security or a clubhouse. In renting, you can end up getting a lot of value for your dollar. Many people can’t afford to purchase a home in the area they live or simply don’t want to. Below you will get to know some of the reasons why some people prefer to rent.


Apartment renters spend less or nothing at all in maintenance. This is one of the benefits of living in an apartment. Many professionals, city workers, and newly-wed couples that are both working, choose to live in apartments or other smaller units. Some of the reasons are – they don’t have time for things like gardening, removing snow or other extra work to keep their space maintained. Our units are almost always equipped with major appliances, so there would be no hassles for maintenance or any wear and tear which means renters can live comfortably without exerting much effort shopping for the things needed for repairs as it’s up to the landlord to handle the matter.


Renting a space to live can be more affordable, especially when it comes to utility bills and other monthly obligations. As apartment tends to be smaller than a house, condo or townhouse, you spePrefer to rentnd less money for gas and electricity for heating. While most apartments are built compactly, it can save you a lot on heating during the colder months, and when the apartments are new, they tend to be even more energy efficient. Most people also enjoy living in an apartment because it is usually located close to interesting places such as shopping areas, schools, churches as well as major highways making daily commute come easy.


Renting a space in a community that has amenities like a gym or pool can potentially save you some money. With some great amenities in the apartment complex that you live in, you tend to become more sociable, allowing you to meet more people. Most condo and apartment buildings also come with parking, getting you away from street parking. Some of our communities also offer a gated entrance, bringing you security and peace of mind.


Many renters prefer to rent instead of owning a house because they know that they don’t have to worry about paying the annual real estate taxes on their home. They also have nothing to worry about when it comes to repairs and maintenance of the unit, they just report the problem to the landlord and it’s up to them to repair it.

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Many of the people who are just getting their first place or are starting to build a family can choose to rent a small apartment that is affordable with their income. Then, when the family becomes bigger and they need more space, they can transfer to a much bigger apartment. When the children have grown up and want to become independent and move out and live on their own, the couple may decide to move back to a smaller place.


Some simple reasons why some people prefer to rent are because they don’t want to deal with yard work, don’t have to worry about snow removal, and if stuff breaks, their landlord will fix it including AC/Heating unit, pipes and appliances. There are many reasons people choose to rent over purchasing a home.


Posted by: Thousand Hills Realty on June 17, 2016
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