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Ways to Grow An Herb Garden in Your Apartment



There are many people that love buying fresh herbs at the market but you may find it convenient to grow your own herb garden at home. Even if your apartment or condo has no outdoor space, you can actually grow herbs indoors. Any space in your apartment can be suitable to grow herbs so long as there is natural light that can pass through.

The ideal setting for an indoor herb garden would be in the kitchen, near an open window, or in any room where there is plenty of natural light. Herbs grown indoor must get at least 4 hours of sun each day. Windows that face east or west are your best shot at the sun, while the light from windows facing north or south may not be bright enough. The best way to test how much sun an area gets is by turning off the lights on a sunny to partly sunny day and periodically checking on the natural sunlight. This method will help you figure out how much sun any given spot is actually getting throughout the day.

Once you have begun to grow herbs indoor, you will want to make sure to grant them a fair amount of drainage. Be sure to use a saucer or drain pan under the pot to catch water and to protect whatever surface your herb is sitting on. If possible, double-check that the saucer or drain pan is deep enough so that the water won’t overflow. Avoid using clay saucers as moisture can pass through it; it is better to choose plastic, rubber, or metal instead. Also, avoid clay pots as it can absorb water and dry out the soil quickly.

The size of the pots that you should use for growing herbs indoor will vary depending on what type of herb you are growing. You will want to be sure that there is enough depth for the plants’ roots to fully develop. It may be ideal to use a pot that is 8 inches in diameter. Remember that it is better to overestimate how much space you will need as opposed to underestimating.

It’s always a good idea to use a soil mixture that is formulated for containers. Don’t use anything that is listed as “garden soil”. You will also need to figure out how many bags of soil you’ll need based on the dimensions and number of containers. Other items that you may need before you start growing herbs in your apartment are a trowel (for moving dirt around), a watering can, and fertilizer to maintain the growth of the plant.

No matter what kind of herbs you intend to grow indoor, it is recommended to buy them as seedlings, instead of seeds. Growing tiny plants from seeds can be magical and miraculous, however, it is very time-consuming You may not be interested in waiting for the seeds to actually sprout. It may be more efficient for you to buy established young herbs at a nursery or farmers market. You may have better results with seedlings because they will have already passed the fragileness of infancy.

If you’re a beginner in growing herbs indoor, an easy plant to start wSage Plantith is basil. Basil smells good and tastes even better. Even if you don’t have a lot of experience growing basil, you can easily recover the plant if you need to. You will know if you’re not watering the plant enough when it starts to look wilted and withered. Basil can easily be recovered after a good shower. When cutting the basil plant you will want to cut only from the top part instead of cutting leaves from the bottom or side of the main stem. Taking out lower leaves, may damage the plant’s solar power source, making it grow tall instead of branching out.

Setting up your own herb garden in your apartment can be remarkable, but you will definitely want to do your own research and learn tricks to grow herbs inside so that you can actually grow them successfully. House plants can also be a great way to freshen up your home! Read our blog on indoor house plants and ways to keep your apartment fragrant with house plants.

Posted by: Thousand Hills Realty on August 15, 2016
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