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Ideas on How to Make Your Rental Feel like a Home!

Even though you don’t own your rental you can still add some personal touches to make it feel like home.

Before you start any kind of decorating, always check with the owner of the property or property manager to make sure the changes are allowed.

Personalize with Friends

One way to personalize your rental is to put up a lot of photos of your friends and family. Hang some framed artwork, or simply create a memory wall. I’m sure both you and your guests will enjoy reminiscing through the old photos. Try different framing technique or having the pictures printed on a canvas. Painting parties are a great way to get help and an excuse to get together with your friends.

Stenciling a Wall

While most landlords cringe at the idea of tenants painting the rental, some of them usually don’t mind some painting projects, such as a wall stencil. Your landlord may ask you to paint the walls back to the original color, so don’t forget to ask for the brand and name of the original paint color.

Temporary Wallpaper

Do you have the same old plain white walls? If you’re wanting to liven up your walls and you’re willing to do the work, use removable wallpaper to create your sense of style on the walls. Removable wallpaper is easy to install (just peel and stick) and it’s available in a wide variety of patterns. Removable wallpaper won’t damage your walls when you peel it off.


Try adding plants to your home, it will make it feel homier inside but don’t forget about the outside as well.  Fresh plants inside will not only add color to your space but also help improve your air quality. Consider adding plants to your porch and/or your patio with some colorful containers.


What if you find and an area in your home that is not as attractive? Don’t panic, let’s just cover it up with something that you do like. If there is a countertop that may have a burn spot on it, cover it up with a cutting board as an example.  If there are areas on the walls that you don’t like try adding a disguise with panel curtains.  You don’t have to actually have a window to put up the curtains, panel curtains solve a lot of problems.  Another option would be removable wall decals considering these decals are not permanent.

Area Rugs

Not every homeowner will have beautiful hardwood floors for each new renter.  Just start thinking of ways to spruce things up. You might be thinking of an area rug to put down to cover up the ugly floors. A bold area rug will help in covering those unsightly floors but it will also bring color and pop out to spruce everything up.

Little things

Last but not least, if you want to add more of your personalized style add a doormat.  Make it personal, funny or a positive quote that will make a person smile when they cross the threshold.

So, what are you waiting for? Personalize your rental and call it your own even if it isn’t 100% yours. Most important make sure if you add anything to the home that is permanent that you get permission first.

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Posted by: Thousand Hills Realty on February 16, 2017
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