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Things to Remember when Moving in the Spring


Things to Remember when Moving in the Spring

When you are planning to move after the winter season, it will let you feel like you have started a new beginning – a fresh start that can give you benefits for organizing and executing a transition inside your house. When you move during the spring, it’s essential for you to remember these helpful tips so you can make your move easily.

Pay less for more and get more for less

Spring and autumn seasons are considered by many experts to be the best time of the year to move to a new house. This secret has a reason behind it, and many people tend to overlook many advantages of moving in the spring because many are moving in the summer. Moving during spring is a great idea because you can take advantage of fresh air and affordable house moving prices.

During the moving season, professional movers tend to charge you a higher fee, and due to many bookings, they tend to hire temporary workers with minimal experience. Whereas when you move during the spring, you get competitive prices and it’s easier to book professional movers with experienced workers. To get an affordable price, you should get multiple quotes from movers.

Get yourself a top rated spring mover

Take advantage of getting a top-rated spring mover as most movers offer competitive prices after the winter, and it’s advantageous to hunt down a professional company and get the best offer. Just make sure that the future mover that you’re planning to hire for your spring relocation meets your budget, has a good rating with the Better Business Bureau and has a proven track record of professionalism.  It’s a good idea to avoid moving companies that have to many negative reviews. Professionalism is another factor to consider when choosing moving companies. Make sure they  are able to accommodate your move day without any problems.

Turn spring weather into your ally

After a harsh winter, the first mild days of spring are enjoyed and appreciated. Many of us agree that nothing beats spring weather – the warm sun, the crisp air, the gentle breeze. Moving during the winter can become dangerous because of extreme cold, icy roads, winter storms, and snow storms, which makes spring the best time to move while the scorching sun is still to come.

Winter can sometimes be pretty too, but it’s only during spring where you can concentrate on your move because of the relaxing atmosphere that you can feel. In most cases, you should take advantage of the ideal climatic condition and expect perfect spring weather on your moving day. However, you should pay close attention to the local weather forecast and don’t get too comfortable as spring storm, torrential rain and strong winds during your moving day is always a possibility especially here in the Ozarks.

Organize a garage sale

Try to become an entrepreneur and turn your unwanted items into cash. Interestingly enough, the best moving idea to take advantage of during spring is to get rid of any household goods that aren’t needed in your new home, including storing items that are still useful. After a successful de-cluttering task, you will get a complete inventory of your things – a detailed checklist that will let you know which items can make you money, and which items are to be discarded.

Speaking of the garage sale, one of the best ways to discard your unwanted or no longer needed items,  but the items are still of value is to organize a profitable moving sale. You can make a successful spring sale if you have more useful items that you want to leave behind. If the unwanted items are converted to cash, it can be used to cover the cost of moving. The money earned from the sale of the items that still have good market value will provide money toward your moving budget.

Important considerations when moving in spring

Spring season is usually associated with pollen allergies. If you have allergic reactions such as runny nose, itchy eyes, sneezing, coughing, etc. to the flower blossoms and pollens that are flying devilishly in the air, don’t forget to keep your allergy medication at hand. Also, avoid the hours when the pollen density is rather high – usually from 5 a.m. to 10 a.m.

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