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How to Quickly Remove the Cooking Smell in Your Apartment


How to Quickly Remove the Cooking Smell in Your Apartment

We all know that after cooking, the smell lingers around the kitchen, especially on the stove and on the dishtowels. Part of the issue is that your apartment doesn’t have an exhaust fan that exhaust out the air the smells.

Another part of the problem is that you didn’t take the necessary precautions that you should have when you’re about to cook something, especially pungent. To avoid this happening in your home, you need to learn these tips on how to quickly remove the cooking smell in your apartment.

Open up windows before you start cooking

It would be great if your kitchen is a little isolated from the rest of your apartment. This will keep any smells contained, so no matter how unpleasant the smell – your meal will not smell in the entire apartment. But if your kitchen isn’t isolated in your home, open up the windows in your kitchen. This will allow fresh air  in and circulate in the kitchen and let any unpleasant air out. It is also good to use a fan to push air out of the window.

Keep an odor absorber around

It’s essential to have odor absorber around the kitchen as it can help get rid of the scent of bacon grease and other unpleasant smells from food. You can use Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag, a burlap bag filled with beneficial bamboo charcoal that sucks up anything you’d be smelling. But there are other options. You can DIY your charcoal bag; you can stick Air Sponge in the corner of your kitchen; or invest in an air purifier. Whatever you like to use, it’s a good move.

Light a candle while you’re cooking

When you light a candle while cooking, it can control any particularly strong odors. You can look for a candle like the Fresh Wave Odor Neutralizing candle that is made for this purpose, but when you find lightly scented citrus or herbaceous candle, it is nice too.

Use a splatter screen to absorb odors

Even if what you cook is not smelling fragrant, it will undoubtedly become after a few days when the splatter that you didn’t wipe out start to smell. Using a splatter guard is always a good idea, but a splatter screen that features an activated carbon filter is a game changer.

Clean everything immediately after you finish cooking

It can be annoying to any homeowner to let pots or frying pans left unwashed, your dirty dishes linger in the sink or let food splatters cement on your stove top. Clean up immediately as soon as you fish cooking. It’s just necessary to remove all evidence of having cooked anything, so no smells stick around.

Use white vinegar for cleaning

If there are still odors that seem to linger after you have cleaned up everything, it’s a good idea to put a couple of small bowls of white distilled vinegar around your kitchen. Vinegar can do magic, and odors disappear. If you feel a stubborn smell that is sticking, it is highly recommended to use simmering white vinegar on that suspected thing in the kitchen.

It seems to work quickly and powerfully. If the smell is sticking to fabrics or cabinets, you can spray white vinegar on those things. If you can’t find a vinegar, you can use bowls of baking soda or coffee grounds to take the smell out of the air.

Use baking soda to beat bad smells

Baking soda is known by many homeowners for its deodorizing properties and is an effective cleaning solution. When you use baking soda, pour some into mason jars, poke holes in the lids, and distribute these around the kitchen. This way, it can absorb any odors left behind after your food preparation. You can take this useful tip to the next level by adding a few drops of your favorite essential oil to baking soda so that the smell can be sweeter.

While you’ve already learned some tips on how to get rid of cooking smells that radiate from your kitchen, it will now be easy for you to combat musty cooking smells and deodorize your home. 


Posted by: ystikeleather1 on June 28, 2019
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