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Spring Cleaning Tips


After months of cold and gloomy days, spring has finally arrived and we’re finally rewarded with sunny days. Since the blooming flowers and brighter sun rays will leave you feeling refreshed, now is a great time to get a head start on spring cleaning. Even those who dread cleaning are generally more inspired to give their home a good deep clean once their energy levels rise again after the long winter months. Below you will find a few painless cleaning tips that will help you freshen up your home.

Changing your perspective on the spring-cleaning process can make the task a lot less miserable. Consider cleaning as an opportunity to de-clutter and reorganize your home and deep clean every nook and cranny of your house. Deep cleaning your home also gives you the chance to recover neglected items that may have gone missing and at the same time sort through things that may need to be thrown out.

It’s also smart to have all of your cleaning supplies on hand and ready to go before you start cleaning. Make a list of the cleaning supplies and materials that you will need and get them all at once to avoid hassle on the big cleaning day. You may want to include things such as a duster, an apron with pockets, rags, and other tools on your list to keep handy. You will also want to remember surface cleaners, a mop and vacuum, a stepladder for ceiling fans and curtains, and of course, gloves to protect your hands.

Starting the biggest cleaning project first may help keep you motivated and also help the process since it will probably be the most disruptive to your home. You will also have more energy for your big project since you just started which will also make the rest of your list feel more manageable. Opening the windows while you dust will allow fresh air in and increase circulation so that the dust doesn’t settle back in your house and cause allergies or irritation. Use the day light and bright sun rays to make washing the windows easier as you can see all of the winter grime that was left on them. Don’t forget to wash the inside and outside of windows if possible. When cleaning the bathrooms, make sure to scrub the grout and wash or replace the shower curtain liners to prevent mildew.

You may need to give a little more attention to rooms you spend a majority of your time in, such as the bedrooms. When you start cleaning the bedrooms, strip the bed and wash all of the linens including the mattress pad, pillows and cases, bed skirts, and bedcovers. You may have to take larger linens such as your comforter to a dry-cleaning facility to have them cleaned. Once your heavy winter bed linens have been cleaned, store them in a sealed container until next winter. After you have stored heavy winter linens such as flannel sheets and wool blankets, get ready for summer by pulling out fresh sheets and lighter cotton blankets.

After you have cleaned every room in your home, it’s time to take care of the dirt that you can’t see but know is there. Sanitizing your washing machine and dishwasher by running them both empty with a cup of vinegar inside. If your oven has a self-cleaner, turn it on and let it do the work for you. Be sure to wipe down all of your other appliances inside and out with a wet cloth and vinegar.

Cleaning your house after the cold winter months can be a daunting task because you will be seeing all of the dirt and grime that has accumulated over the last few months.  By following some of these cleaning tips, you can easily make your home look clean and refreshed.



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